"Hidden Souls" (2018)

"Hypocrites" (2018)

"Irreversible" (2017)

"Laugh at a clown" (2017)

"Missing U" (2017)

"The Dog Said..." (June 2017)

"Pure Vida" (2017)

"Walking Alone" (June 2017)

Writing for a cover picture of another workshop for western calligraphy beginners
I love to play with flourishes that involves rigorous planning and design in details.
Auspicious banners in the Year of Rooster.
"Cowspiracy" (Winter 2016)
Winter (Winter 2016)
"... we cannot be kind to animals until..." (Autumn 2016)
Wish They Could Speak (Summer 2016)
"Below The Lion Rock" (獅子山下) (Spring 2016)
"Home Town" (Spring 2016)
Chinese New Year auspicious banner (Spring 2016)
Calligraphy (Winter 2015)
Hong Konger (Winter 2015)
"Glass Walls" — Paul McCartney (Autumn 2015)
Waste (Autumn 2014)
"Midway Journey" with a quotation by Vivienne Westwood (Autumn 2013)
Thank You Sugar (2010)
My Stories (Autumn 2012)
Restart (2009)
Dove — a calligraphic illustration (2005)
Ink wash experiment

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