Copperplate Script(銅版體),又名English Roundhand始源自英國,曾在十七至十八世紀銅版印刷的黄金時代被廣泛採用。聖雅各福群會「銅版體西洋書法班(基礎)」現正接受報名。此課程以十八世紀著名書法家及銅版雕刻家George Bickham的銅版體作範本,深入探討英式銅版體的基礎技術。有關詳情及登記,歡迎前往:

English Roundhand Workshop (Basic) in St. James’ Settlement is now kicked off for registration. For information and registration, please visit

Italic Hand workshop 2020 in St. James’ Settlement. For information, please visit

Gothic Script workshop 2019 in St. James’ Settlement. For information, please visit

Italic Hand workshops in Zacca Dream. For information, please visit

I also teach cursive writing in Montblanc Boutique. Check with your Montblanc Sales Representative about the workshops.

'Writing on Glass' workshop in 'Calligraphy Day 2019' organised by Alpha Beta Club — the Hong Kong Society of Western Calligraphic Art

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